William Howard Taft

Was born on September 15,1857 in Cincinnati,Ohio,

He attended to Yale Collage for law,

Came back and practice law,

1908 was elected,

William Howard Taft,

U.S.A. 27th President ,

Became President in 1903,

Achieved his lifelong goal be Chief Justice,

He’d died on  March 8,1930 in Washington,Dc.

December 7,1941

President Franklin D. Roosevelt called December 7, will not be forgotten.

Even more of the anti-aircraft guns were unmanned because it was a Sunday and many serviceman were on shore for the weekend.  

At the time, the United States and Japan were not at war with each other.

Really four battleships sunk,four midget submarines sunk, and 2,345 military killed.

Later after the war all the people who died,their names goes in the Arizonan that had been sunk was made into a memorial for all those people.


Heros are the people that fought in the war was a hero.

A ship named the Arizonan was one of that had been sunk,by Japanese

Really 19 ships were badly  damaged  and at least 105 airplanes.

Before the Japanese attacked,they saw them on the radar,but they thought it was Americans arriving West Coast.

On December 7,1941,at about 8:00 a.m.,the Japanese attacked the American naval base.

Remembrance Day was the day when Pearl Harbor was attacked.


I want to live in James town because it is an adventure.On May 14,1607,the Virgina Company sent 120 English Colonists to Virginia. They called it ” Jamestown “. The colonist named it after the English king’James 1. Thats why I want to live in Jamestown.


John Smith began to trade with Chief  Powhatan.

A colony is a setttlement that is far from the country.

Many people believe that there was gold in North America.

English businessmen started a new company called ” The Virginia Company”.

Self-surricient mean you rely on your self.

They established the first permanent English colony in Nororth America.

On May 14,1607, Virgina Company sent 120 English Colonist.

Water in the river was not safe to drink in Jamestown.

Needed more workers to harvest the plants for tobacco in Virginia.


Henry Hudson

  June 1611   Explorer Gazette

 I believe that in June 1611 that Henry Hudson’s crew thought that he was sailing back home to England. Soon they realized that he is going west to continue searching for the Northwest Passage. The crew wanted to go home but they were so angry that they put Hudson, his son, and seven other loyal crewmen in a boat with no oars. Left them there in the bay, no one heard them again. It just assumed that Henry Hudson and the seven crewmen died sometime after that because of the sun and no water to drink and no food to eat. No one knows what really happened to them.


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