One small step

My life is a bumpy road, there’s so many rocks in my way I can’t get through but for some odd reason I sometimes pass them.  I’m not a big fan of detail but in this case I kinda I have to.  I really hate admitting this but writing does help getting your feelings out, God knows I need to. It’s better to start now than later because sooner or later it will eat you up.  And maybe already has.  So here we go. When I was seven years old my parents got divorced and it was really hard for me.  For some reason my brother wasn’t really there for me.  Not physically but emotionally.  Sometimes I think he doesn’t really love me but I wouldn’t know because he never talks to me. Me and my mom have a lot of differences.  Every day when I was little we always fight and now I’m grown-up and I regret it.  I look back now and fighting with my mom was really one of my biggest regrets of my life and I’m only 13.  I do and will always love my mom and I hope she knows that.  Now me and my dad we have a good relationship, like best friends.  I will do anything for him and I know he will do anything for me. One day I’ll write more but in these case I’m going to stop here.

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