If I was a Travel Agent

The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories. Go on as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can’t always make memories. My name is Bren Fuller and I’m a travel agent from Fuller travel. I’m here to advise you upon the new and improved vacation package to Costa Rica. Reasons why you should take a vacation is because you want to, time away from work, a reason to read a good book, a chance to put your phone to the side, the ability to be on no one’s schedule but your own, to relax, and finally the most important one is to have fun. The reason why I’m here is to provide you with the best and reasonable vacation for your needs. Clear your head. Spend time with your family. Vacation of a lifetime .


Have you taken a vacation recently or are you infected by the pandemic of work? As jobs become difficult to find and keep, people are also becoming increasingly concerned about their income, investing long hours at work at the cost of other important aspects of their lives. If you too have relegated vacations down your list of priorities, it is time to recognise that it is as important as good food and exercise.


When you are loaded with multiple pressures at work, your body reacts with the survival response of fight or flight. Sustained challenges lead to constant stress, which does not go away even when you go home. Being stressed prevents you from thinking straight and impedes your analysis and actions at work. When you take a vacation, you immediately reduce the stress in your life and give yourself the space and time to get back to work with a clear mind. Studies agree that if you don’t take vacations, your productivity suffers. Long periods of work without break lead to irritability, poor decision making, poor communication and relationships and more days off due to ill health. When you go on vacation, you reverse all that and come back with greater focus, an optimistic mindset and productivity soars.


The primary resource for creating wealth in your life is you. Think of vacations as an investment to increase the size and value of that asset. A vacation is an opportunity to expand your horizons by travelling to new places, signing up for new experiences and creating memories that sustain you. As a bonus, you meet interesting and extraordinary people and create relationships that enhance either your personal or professional life. While working, you tend to compromise on your relationships, especially within your family. As work deadlines take priority you miss out on family gatherings and regular bonding opportunities. You cannot compensate for lost time and opportunities by waiting for retirement.Make up for lack of quantity by increasing quality and intensity when you take time off. Vacations are your ideal investment as travelling together is the best way to build relationships. To consolidate your regular learning, get adequate sleep every single night to let your brain recover and build new connections. To get creative and find new solutions, free up your brain’s resources from the daily grind of survival and workplace challenges. Like most successful people, you will find that your best insights and most creative ideas emerge from your subconscious when you are on vacation.

The number one on the stress chart is money. In this day in time people think money is and will always be the root of their life. And it’s not. Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace.Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.Take your loved ones on the Costa Rica family vacation of a lifetime. They have selected two of Costa Rica’s most exclusive luxury resorts for your accommodation and two of Costa Rica’s greatest locations for your enjoyment. Rate per adult is from $3,036. Price per child is $358. In the package you have 7 night of a stress free environment. Begin your adventure in Arenal where the famous volcano rises from the jungle and provides an almost prehistoric feel to the landscape. Your hotel here is the luxurious Springs Resort and Spa where the rich and famous like to stay.

My forever hero

Police officers take risks and secure the safety of fellow citizens, and they endure such risks and tolerate such inconveniences on behalf of strangers. Consequently, police works is one of the more noble and selfless occupations in society. Making a difference in the quality of life is an opportunity that policing provides and few other professions can offer.For me, no one in my family is in the military or is a doctor or a cop. But just recently me and my mother were driving to the eye doctor. The speed limit was 50 and she was driving 60. And well she got pulled over, by my hero. To me a hero is a police officer, the military, fireman, doctors, anyone that puts someone’s else’s life before there’s.


An ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor, and self-sacrifice. A police officer… Bravery is not the absense of fear but action in the face of fear. To clarify, police officers are my hero for (3) unquestionable worthy reasons. They have so much courage. They honor the thin blue line.They sacrifice their life for people that hate and love them   


They have unlimited courage…On November 9, 2017, Corporal Dustin Jackson, Detective Mike Slater, Officers Scott Reid, and Lucas Parker were engaged in a standoff on Manor Court with an armed and wanted suspect, who had barricaded himself inside his home for a period of several hours. Without annoyance, the suspect exited his home and opened fire with a shotgun, shooting both Cpl. Jackson and Officer Reid, and injuring Cpl. Jackson badly. All four officers returned fire in the suspect’s direction to successfully hitting the suspect back into the residence out of community harm. Disregarding personal safety, Det. Slater and Officer Reid, while ignoring his own wound, began the extraction of Cpl. Jackson from the area of danger while Officer Parker provided cover. Commander Jason Bellamy, already on scene, assisted with the medical triage of the badly wounded officer, all the while providing leadership, direction, and control of a chaotic situation in a hostile environment.


They honor the thin blue line….The Oath of Honor provides the law enforcement profession with a concise, powerful and universal process by which officers can affirm and regularly reaffirm their ethical values and beliefs. This compressed oath summarizes police standards in a simple statement allowing itself to endless and acceptable application in both public and professional environment. It is easily traditional, understood, and remembered. On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.


They sacrifice their life for other civilians…No matter if the people hate them or not they will always be there to protect them no matter what. The nobility and courage that the police officers is putting forth in order to make such a huge sacrifice. This courage is much like the courage that is shown in the sacrifice of lives today for others.

As has been noted, police officers are my hero. I love my family with all I got but when it comes to the definition of the word hero in my opinion they don’t fit into that category. An ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor, and self-sacrifice. A police officer… While we sleep the guardians of the night take to the streets. Having said goodbye to those they love, each other knowing they may never say these words again. They face the evil that we run from. They dedicate their lives to those that would hate them because they wear the badge… They wear this badge not for glory or recognition but because they were born to honor The Thin Blue Line.

The creature that might save lives

In the article of,  “Slime of 300-million-year-old creature may be used for body armor”,  by Allison Barrie, published October 24, 2017, about using slime from an ancient creature, older than dinosaurs, for future military protection. In the depths of the unexplored ocean lives the hagfish which is more than 300 years old dating back centuries before dinosaurs went extinct. In order to protect themselves they release slime, which combined with seawater will rapidly enlarge and creates huge volumes of the substance, will cause the unwanted organism to suffocate.

In the past years scientists have pursued spider silks as a possibility to create ultra lightweight and durable body armor. Hagfish is not as strong and light as the spider silk, but easier to harvest  for the mandatory volume for the military to use. It might just be slime but it is incredibly strong with captivating properties with enormous defense potential. Because of the ultrastrong flexible thread, could be the next bullet-proof vest for the military in combat. The Navy team has previously cloned the materials in the slime and can now target on applying fabricated slime for U.S military advantages.  

The use of the slime could possibly be conducted into a spray for divers in case of a shark  attack. It can also function as a coating for ships to avoid algae and barnacles. Someday the product delivered from the hagfish could be use outside of the military. On the motherland, there’s hundreds of opportunities for the use of  slime in case of emergencies or other circumstances, like to protect the firefighters or hack a phone case.  Scientists in the business area have been looking at using slime to substitute lycra, spandex, and nylon in frequently worn clothing and fabrics.

The idea of a snake-like creature producing a residue that could perhaps be conducted into a bullet-proof vest or help a scuba diver in the face of danger by a shark is impeccable. It’s alluring that scientist has the knowledge to create a clone of the materials to either make a larger supply of the slime or even advance the capability of what the slime can do. In my opinion, the heros of the United States of America is the military, cops, fireman, etc. and the hope of something better to protect them is satisfying.  

It’s sometimes necessary to take a chance in life to improve the circumstances that you may be in. In this instance, scientists are taking a chance on hagfishes slime to make exceptional bullet-proof vests for the military’s protection.. Thinking outside of the box will give them bigger opportunities for unthinkable but extraordinary ideas and creations. The hope that something new will likely save lives and going through with it, is called taking a chance. Because you believe in it so much, you refuse to give up.

Donald Trump mocking North Korea

In the “UN speech: Trump says ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un on ‘suicide mission,’ in broadside at ‘rogue regimes’” by Alex Pappas, Fox news,  Donald Trump made a comment to the 193-member U.N. General Assembly, “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime,” using a mocking nickname for North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. The crisis even more worsened than the last  month when the North announced plans to test missiles around the United States Pacific territory of Guam. North Korea made its longest ever test flight of a ballistic missile Friday, sending an midway range weapon hurtling over United States  ally,  Japan into the northern Pacific Ocean in a launch that signals both boldness of its rivals and a big technological advance.  Washington has repeatedly warned North Korea over its weapons tests, which violate UN Security Council resolutions.

President Donald Trump delivered Tuesday a day of reckoning warning to North Korea and mocked its young leader, a aggressive growth in a debut address to the United Nations, the world’s foremost diplomatic body.In addition to North Korea, the president specifically targeted what he called  “small group of rogue regimes” including Iran and Syria, that pose many threats around the world.  Trump contended that “Rocket Man” ,  his recently nickname for North Korean dictator, threatens an “unthinkable loss of human life” by ensuring nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Trump also pointed the finger to Iran, calling them  “another reckless regime, one that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing death to America, destruction to Israel and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room.”

In conclusion, the article relates to life or death survival. It shows that no matter what happens we have to survive.  In fact, Donald Trump said “If the United States is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,” his address to the UN General Assembly. So if North Korea goes on the wrong path for themselves we will sooner than later pull the trigger.

When any missile is launched,  it produces a plume and heat signature that is quickly picked up by the U.S. military satellites. Nearly immediately the information is transferred to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, other known as NORAD, which also controls the military’s nuclear forces. Karako says both NORAD and U.S. Strategic Command quickly assess where the missile is going and decide whether it is a threat to the United States or our  allies or any U.S. military forces in the region. At this point, we will know when they fire the missile and hopefully in time determine where it’s going to land.  All things considered, we have the capability to prevent thousands and thousands of death by warning them to take shelter or what I would do is take a next plane out of there.

This article caught my attention because if one wrong move the world could suffer. North Korea’s missile has grew over the decades from boorish battery rockets copied  by World War II designs in  testing of what it says are long-range missiles that may be able to strike targets in the United States. On  July 28, 2017, North Korea carried out its second and latest ICBM test, with the missile reaching an altitude of  3,000km and landing in the sea by Japan. As a matter of fact, it’s interesting and concerning because he could go wild and start missile parts of the United states with the stuff he has. This whole situation relates to everyone in the whole world. If the United States is under attack all of our allies will come and help, hopefully. Or if it was the other way around. Therefore, causing World War III……

Are Up For It!

   “Art is the window to the soul”, by Margaret Keane. My class of 2021 hadn’t been on a field trip for a very long time now. So, I recommend to go to Philadelphia Museum of Art. It would be very informational and entertaining.
       Going to Philadelphia Museum of Art is very amusing. Perhaps, the largest museum in the United States. This museum has a collection of more than 227,000 objects that includes world-class holding of European and American paintings, prints, drawings, & decorative arts. According to the main building is visited by more than 800,000 people per year, and is located at the west end of Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
        Now for the part that you  been waiting for scholarly. Meanwhile, the early 1900’s, the museum published its first collection handbook and admitted education program for the general public. In the meantime, it wasn’t long before a membership program was in place, and plans for a new building gained strength in the following decade. Soon, in the 1920’s director Fiske Kimball set the tone for a new era, and the opening of the new building on Fairmount-what is now the main building-opened with attendance record of one-million visitors in its first year.
         Going to Philadelphia Museum of Art would be very informational and entertaining, that is why we should go there. So, are you up for it!?


I was running down the court
while bouncing the ball
than I shot
The crowd stood up
jumping up and down
I was so happy
that my team won
the game
this is the BEST DAY EVER!



I don’t know about you, but I love snow,

I don’t know why, but I do,

I think cause we dont get alot of snow in East Texas but,

we did,


The snow covered everything,

it had a perfect fluff to it,


My Dad and I spent lot of time outside playing in the snow,

he shoveled and I was building a snowman,

it was really fun,


I don’t want to brag but,

my snowman was Awesome!

Love Is Important

 “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I’’m with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me”. An admiration of my brother Alex, because he protects me and always there to help when I need him.

      He protects me in million different ways, but he mostly protects me in 3 ways. Sometimes, he tells me what to do so I won’t get into trouble. He also stand up for me when I need him. Most important is that he looks after me everywhere we go.

       I love how he’s always there to help when I need him. Sometimes, he helps me with my homework, so I won’t get the questions wrong and get a good grade on that assignment. And, cheers me on when I really need it. Somehow, he makes me a good person.

      Someday, my achievements is to be just like my brother. Alex is protective and helps when I need him. And that’s why he is the best brother in the world.

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